Brain Sciences UNSW Colloquium: Social Cognition in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Prof Allan Reiss

Our interactions with other people are one of the most important aspects of day to day life. Our understanding of the neural underpinnings of social behaviors is increasing rapidly, along with recognition of how social function is impacted by developmental disorders such as Autism. However, disorders of social cognition can look very different between diagnoses and between individuals.

Prof Allan Reiss (Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research, Stanford University School of Medicine) will be comparing social behavior in two common genetic disorders, Fragile X and William’s Syndrome.

Dr Jon Brock (Macquarie University) will be discussing the complexity of impairments in social cognition in Autism, leading to significant heterogeneities between individuals despite sharing the same diagnosis.

When: Monday 17 March, 4 – 5 pm with refreshments afterwards (note this is a later date than has been previously advertised)

Where: Black Dog Institute Lecture Theatre, Hospital Road, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick