Brain and Mind Centre: Autism Research Update

Have we found the genes for ASD? 
Professor Patrick Bolton, Professor in Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry, King’s College, London

What are the family impacts of autism genetics?
Emeritus Professor Patricia Howlin, Professor of Clinical Child Psychology, King’s College, London and Professor of Developmental Disorders, University of Sydney

Is there an autism epidemic?
Professor Stewart Einfeld, Senior Scientist, Brain and Mind Centre and Chair of Mental Health, Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney

What do we know about brain changes in Autism?
Professor Maxwell Bennett, Professor of Neuroscience, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney

Friday 13 November 2015
9.00am – 12.30pm
This is a seminar that is intended for professionals.

Lecture Theatre
Level 5, Building F
Brain and Mind Centre
94 Mallett St, Camperdown

Price: No Charge

For further information, please contact Lauren Rice