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Speech development in children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Does your child have an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

We are conducting a longitudinal study evaluating the speech development of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is involved?

  • Children will be assessed at the University of Sydney or in their own homes
  • Assessments will take 2 hours
  • Speech and language assessments will be completed
  • Assessments will be done initially and then following 3, 6, 9, and 12 months
  • A detailed assessment report will be provided free of charge

Who can be involved?

  • Children aged 2-6 years who have been diagnosed with an ASD
  • Children who are not yet attending formal full-time schooling
  • Children who are producing some verbal sounds or words to communicate
  • Children with English as their primary language and the primary language of at least one parent

Who do I contact?

If you would like more information regarding this study please contact:

  • Kate Broome:  kbro3187@uni.sydney.edu.au  0420 757 458
  • Dr. Tricia McCabe:  tricia.mccabe@sydney.edu.au  (02) 9351 9747 

Emotion Regulation and Empathy in Children with Autism

Help us to understand why children with autism find it difficult to respond to other’s emotions with empathy and gain a greater understanding of your child’s emotional development

The study involves observing children’s behavioural responses to everyday positive and negative emotional situations. For example, a young child showing happiness while playing with a toy, or a child who is upset on his first day of school (presented as videos)

We are looking for children with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis between 5 and 9 years of age who have normal or high IQ (high-functioning)

The study takes approximately 45 minutes

If you are interested in participating in this study or want any further information please contact Elian.

Phone: 9351 3494 Email: eric@psych.usyd.edu.au



Seminar from Sander Begeer: Training theory of mind in autism

On 30th October, Sander Begeer is giving a seminar on “Training Theory of Mind in Autism” at the Department of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University.

Speaker : Sander Begeer, School of Psychology, University of Sydney.

Date : 30th of October 2012, 4:00PM until 5:30PM

Location : Palermo Room,  C5C498, Macquarie University

Deviant perspective taking or Theory of Mind (ToM) skills are a central feature of autism. However, the literature is unclear about specific strengths and weaknesses of individuals with autism. This is partly due to the way ToM is measured. Moreover, many treatments for children with autism involve attempts to ‘train’ ToM skills, while the evidence base for these treatments is generally poor. In the current presentation, the effects of training ToM in children with autism will be discussed, with specific regard to passive or active social interaction styles of the children. The difference between conceptual and applied ToM skills is highlighted, and the question is raised whether ToM is a proclivity, rather than a capacity. Bio: Sander Begeer is a postdoctoral fellow, working on University of Sydney Postdoctoral Research and Endeavour Award Research Fellowships. His research focus is on autism, empathy and social emotional development. He is involved in various projects that highlight the assessment of social emotional problems in autism, the effect of treatment for some of these problems (Theory of Mind and emotion regulation), and the assessment of autism in ethnic minorities.